The Eye Foundation of America’s fight against preventable blindness is one of the best investment opportunities ever.

In these days of economic uncertainty, you may be viewing your contributions in a new light. Which ones deliver the most for the smallest amount?

Where else can you turn a child’s life around by preventing blindness with a vitamin A supplement that costs only pennies a dose? Where can a few hundred dollars fund sight-restoring surgery for a person who would otherwise experience a life filled with missed opportunities such as a lack of education? For children, the benefits may span as many as 75 years—a lifetime of benefits.

Your donations can also support our efforts to buy a high-tech camera for hospitals in India to detect warning signs of childhood blindness, allowing them to potentially save a child’s vision. These hospitals are often unable to afford this equipment on their own, so your help can be especially effective.

We have delivered our services to hundreds of thousands throughout the world, but there are many more who need us. We rely on those who partner with us—volunteer physicians and medical staff, other organizations—and your private donations. Together, we can do it.

Individuals also lend their support in the form of monetary contributions and volunteering their time and expertise. With these and others’ continued support, our reach and capabilities are virtually unlimited.

Please help! Your donations will help to cure avoidable blindness in children.

Donate Online

Donations are accepted online via Paypal.

Read about our efforts to buy a Retcam, a camera used to detect childhood blindness here.

Donate By Mail

Please download the Mail In Donation Form (PDF) below, print and complete it, then mail it along with your check in a stamped envelope to us at the address on the bottom of the form.

Thank you for your support!