Diabetes Prevention and Management Project

DPM Health Coaches

In conjunction with Rotary Clubs from Morgantown and internationally, our WV diabetic education project led by Dr.Ranjita Mishra, WVU School of Public Health, started its second phase with its Charleston group. The Morgantown group met over several months this year where they learned how changing eating and exercise habits can decrease their blood sugar and prevent future eye, kidney and heart problems. Dr. Misra noted “The Diabetes Prevention and Management is in our 2nd year, 2 sites, 70 participants. We have 10 Health Coaches for this year and I am working with two churches, Woodland Methodist church in Morgantown and Village Chapel Presbyterian church in Charleston to do this community-based program. Our program is participant centered and we strive to develop relationships to help them improve their health behaviors.”

A successful project like this in West Virginia (one of the highest incidence of diabetes in the USA) will help similar projects around the world.