Winter 2009/2010 Newsletter

EFA's Vision

"Most people feel that if they don't donate "enough;' they shouldn't donate at all. But Linda Feretti, of Morgantown, West Virginia, has another approach. 

She visits Ophthalmologist V.K. Raju twice a year for glaucoma and makes a five-dollar donation to the Foundation each time."

2013 Fall/Winter Newsletter

EFA Fights
Diabetes Globally

 The Eye Foundation of America (EFA) is beginning a new mission called “100,000 Lives” to detect and treat diabetes in India and other developing countries. 

2016 Summer Newsletter

 Ghana school children screening and surgeon training 

 The Eye Foundation of America is happy to once again collaborate with Kog Krationz in Tema to support school children’s vision screening in Ghana. 

2010 Newsletter

Cataracts in Children

 A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. Many of us are familiar with cataracts that occur as we age. Surgery and treatment for these age-related cataracts is readily available and has become almost routine. 

2014 Fall/Winter Newsletter

 Premature Infant
Eye Screening 

 Thanks to an amazing effort by friends of EFA, Chengad Sridhar and Janani Krishna – we were able to reach and exceed the matching goal set by one of our donors to buy the Retcam. 

2017 Spring/Summer Newsletter

 Combating childhood corneal blindness 

 We are very excited to announce our October 27th meeting in Vijayawada, India regarding corneal blindness in children. 

2011 Newsletter

Highlighting Education

This issue highlights the Foundation’s work with education. Along with service and research, it is one of EFA’s three guiding principles. Education extends our work and makes it sustainable.

2015 Newsletter

NJ Fundraiser Huge Success!

EFA would like thank Chengad Sridhar for organizing our second annual NJ fundraiser.

2017 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Another great year
of collaboration.

 Over 4,000 people were screened -- over half were women -- and almost 200 surgeries were performed by  Dr. Seth Wanye and his team.