New Jersey Fundraiser Huge Success!

NJ Fundraiser

EFA would like thank Chengad Sridhar for organizing our second annual NJ fundraiser. We were honored to have Kavita Tirumalai, a Bharatanatyam teacher and dancer from the San Francisco area, perform. Her husband, Bharat Krishna,chief guest said a few words and said he wholeheartedly agreed with Dr.Raju’s often quoted statement that “There are three solutions to every problem- the first is education, the second is education, and the third is education.” Drs. Modak were also recognized for their generosity in the few years they have been involved with the Eye Foundation of America with a Robert L. Murphy Visionary Award, named for a close friend of Dr.Raju, who was the director of the WVU Medical Library and first secretary of the foundation. Dr. Priya Desai served as MC and over $40,000 was raised for projects including, child cataract and glaucoma surgery and the school screening project. Dr. Prema Modak and Dr. Leela Raju spoke about different aspects of childhood eye care and Dr. Richard Hertle, who has now made multiple trips to Goutami, spoke about research work that has come out of his time there.


The Eye Foundation of America was able to support a vision screening project in Ghana in conjunction with Kog Krationz, similar to what is being done in India. Over 11,560 students in Ashanti and Eastern regions were screened. Glasses were given to those who needed them and arrangements for needed surgeries have been made. EFA also supported the World Sight Day Kids Fun Fair in Accra. where 15,000 Children were screened.

2015 Lakeview Golf Tournament

Our second annual golf tournament was a beautiful day this year and we were happy to have everyone come out and play. Thanks to our sponsors, especially Waterfront Jeep and Forks of Cheat Winery, we raised over $6000 for diabetic research and education in West Virginia. We look forward to seeing you all next summer at Lakeview!

Diabetes Prevention and Management

In conjunction with Rotary Clubs from Morgantown and internationally, our WV diabetic education project led by Dr. Ranjita Mishra, WVU School of Public Health, started its second phase with its Charleston group. The Morgantown group met over several months this year where they learned how changing eating and exercise habits can decrease their blood sugar and prevent future eye, kidney and heart problems. Dr. Mishra noted "The Diabetes Prevention and Management is in our 2nd year, 2 sites, 70 participants. We have 10 Health Coaches for this year and I am working with two churches, Woodland Methodist church in Morgantown and Village Chapel Presbyterian church in Charleston to do this community-based program. Our program is participant centered and we strive to develop relationships to help them improve their health behaviors." A successful project like this in West Virginia (one of the highest incidence of diabetes in the USA) will help similar projects around the world.

Check out the video created by WVU AID students here:

Goutami Eye Institute Symposium

In February, Dr. Hertle conducted a symposium about nystagmus (wiggling of the eyes) and hundreds of children were examined in Rajahmundry. Ophthalmologists from all over India came to learn Dr. Hertle’s diagnostic and surgical techniques. This is one of EFA’s tenets- teaching, research, and education. By bringing ophthalmologists to teach at Goutami and teaching ophthalmologists from around the world these techniques dur ing their fellowships, we exponentially increase what EFA is able to accomplish. We continue to provide affordable and accessible state of the art care in India and help others do the same around the world.

How to Make a Difference

"After 37 years of existence of Eye Foundation of America's work, to me it is just the beginning." VK Raju, MD.

Please remember EFA during your year-end giving! As little as $20 can give a pair of glasses to a child in need- the most common vision problem in the world. A child with cataracts in both eyes is being operated on at this moment at Goutami Eye Institute. Combating childhood blindness has been identified by the World bank as the most cost-effective of health interventions.

Thank you for your support!

Visionary ($5,000 or more)

  • Sanku Rao M.D.

  • Anonymous

  • Sekhar & Madhavi Vemparala Srinu Maddula

  • Modak Family

Ambassador ($4,999 - $1,000)

  • Lekha Hota M.D. Kant & Shanta Patel Leela Raju M.D.

  • Joe Swiger

  • Drs Surya & TV Seshan SV Temple

  • David Raese

  • Tanguturu Charitable Foundation Deepa Sridhar

  • Badri & Divya Sridhar NATA

  • Chengad & Geetha Sridhar Venkata Satti

Patron ($999 - $500)

  • Diana Frum DDS Abnash & Prem Jain Ashok Dey

  • Monongalia General Hospital James Laurita

  • Vasudevan & Vijji Jagannathan Paul Malone MD

  • John Howard Motors Steve Powell, MD

  • Sherry Cunningham

  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals

  • K & Janani Krishna, MD

  • Cumbum & Hiranmayi Vasudev

  • Venkateswara Rao Maddula

  • Mohan Jain

  • JCMS, Inc

  • Iris & Alan Jordan, MD Monroe Eye Clinic

  • Srinivasa Rao Tummalapenta Priya Desai, MD

  • Matossian Eye Associates

Leader ($499 - $250)

  • Radha & JSM Sarma, MD

  • R. Mark Hatfield M.D.

  • Al & Shamsha Devji

  • Drs. Ranjit & Indira Majumder

  • Rao & Annapurna Varanasi

  • Go Oil Tools, LLC

  • M&S Consulting

  • Gangarao & Rajeswari

  • Hota Ganapathi Rao Moka MD

  • Santa Cruz Nephrology Medical Group

  • SRI SB Food

  • Priya Thirumalai M.D.

  • Anu & Amit Mysore

  • E Plus Technology

  • Tasneem Shamim, MD, LLC

  • Astute Financial Services, LLC

  • Custom Graphix, Inc

  • Madhu & Sridhar Kallakuri

Friend ($249 - $100)

  • Robbyn Davidson

  • 2009 Nordstrom Family Revocable trust

  • Shawn Christian

  • Pranav Patel

  • T. Edward Blume, MD

  • Marilyn Bendena

  • Morgantown Lions Club

  • Karamjeet & Paramjeet Mangat

  • Anand & Sandhya Viswanath

  • Katie Dark

  • JS Walker Associates, Inc

  • Matthew McLaughlin

  • Maya & Satya Rochlani

  • James Matuga

  • Velda Jones

  • John Porter

  • Charles DiSalvo

  • Sherald Hill

  • Neeta & Siva Digavalli

  • Corathers Health Consulting, LLC

  • Radha Giridharan M.D.

  • Richard Hertle,MD

  • Jose Garcia

  • Chak Srinivasan

  • R. Ramjee

  • Deso Consulting, LLC

  • Kolar Mahesh

  • Ragu Chakravarti

  • Gouree Ramanath

  • Tulsi Patel

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